Moving Brands


What is involved in the creation of a company’s brand? Of course we now know that design identity involves application, type, color palettes, website and all sorts of other elements that come together to comprise the story of a company. When it comes to creating brand identity, no studio takes it to the next level like Moving Brands does. Ever since the company was founded in 1998 in London, Moving Brands has been changing what it means to brand a company. Though this can be said about several branding agencies world wide, it is amazing to see the lengths in which Moving Brands goes to ensure that the design is right for the company. We see this clearly in their rebrand of Deviant Art. Not only did they modernize a logo that had lost its flair, but they also explored what it looked like for a thriving online community to make the jump to a mobile app without losing their focus on art and creation. We see this again with their rebrand of EIR, a leading telecommunication service based in Ireland. This rebrand resulted is a much cleaner logo, as well as motion graphics, store layouts, packaging design, unique forms of application, and much more. Moving Brands was founded on this principle and has been raising the bar for branding ever since – so much so, that many studios have followed their model ever since. To see their amazing results, check out their website here and be sure to sign up for the newsletter for all sorts of exciting new developments in the design world.