Mattson Creative


Hidden in an old warehouse in Irvine, once used to process lima beans, lies a creative agency who’s reputation proceeds them. This agency, Mattson Creative, has been supplying creative solutions in the entertainment industry for many years. Though the studio might be passed off as “just another old factory”, step through the doors of Mattson Creative and you will marvel at a stunning sight. The walls of the studio are covered in their work and inspirational design, which contrast beautifully with the original old wooden infrastructure beams. The floors are furnished with handsomely crafted furniture balanced out by ornate lighting fixtures from the ceiling above and decorations atop the tables. However, the real sight to behold is the ingenious variety of design work that Mattson has brought to the worlds eyes. Their long list of clients include none other than Billabong, CBS, Nickelodeon and Target. Featured in several design magazines like One Show Design and Communication Arts, Mattson Creative simply cannot go unseen.

Check out their work here and catch Creative Director, Ty Mattson’s presentation at Brand New Conference 2015!