Jessica Hische


Words, we use them every day. Words can be used to describe the latest movie that takes you to a galaxy far far away, to wish your loved ones you haven’t seen in a year a “Merry Christmas!”, or to describe one of the most influential Typographers in the industry. This is the latter.

Jessica Hische is a talented designer that shines bright with her superb use of typography and illustrative lettering. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she attended school at Tyler school of Art, Temple University where she decided to focus full time on her design career. After graduating, Hische worked at renowned studios such as Headcase Design and Louise Fili Ltd, making a respectable name for herself. However, her fame came after Jessica decided to take on freelancing full time and created the website where she tackles letters once a day – free to the non-commercial public. Working with clients such as Wes Anderson, Penguin Books, New York times and many more, Jessica continues to freelance full time and has accumulated quiet an impressive portfolio. Be sure to stay up to date with all her latest work and thoughts on her site here at: