Spotlight: Hey


Simplicity. It’s everything a designer strives for in their work. To create a body of work that is simple enough that it is easily understood and engaged with by a mass majority.  Hey Studio is striving for just that and achieving simplicity in a way that strikes a cord with creativity and the people who view it.

Hey is a graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain that stands out among the best design studios through their use of geometry, color and direct typography. Founded in 2007, the studio excelled the communicative design field, until receiving recognition in several design publications such as Digital Artsand Design Boom. In 2014 Hey Studios established their online shop and started organizing pop up stores that have caused a generous following on social media. Their work has been a huge source of inspiration to the design world with projects such as the Arrels Barcelona identity, The Film Commission Chile campaign and their print work for Art Fad 2014. In addition to the wonderful work that they create for their clients, Hey has started a personal illustration project called Every Hey in which they post an icon of popular culture on Instagram each day, which often brings a smile to my face and encouragement to always work at what you love. Be sure to check out their work here and keep up to date with all the developments with the studio.