Spireworks: Logo Hackathon 2016 Recap


Happy New Year from Spire! We had an excellent end to the year and we hope that you did too!

2016 was a major success for Spire with having hosted 3 events (totaling over 200 attendees!!), publishing original content for your reading pleasure, and greatly expanding the members of our Team, Ambassadors, Board of Advisors, Contributors, and more!

We were able to end the year on a very exciting high note with our event Spireworks: Logo Hackathon – A Christmas Gift. The event brought over 15 designers (with a broad spectrum of design backgrounds) together to create a new logo system for a non-profit organization called Writer’s Room Productions. The event took course over an entire day with a few sessions including a briefing from the “client” themselves, research and strategy, logo sketching, critiquing, digital sketches, refinement, and finally a finished product for Writer’s Room. And the best part of it all? It was a GIFT. It was a gift that captured to true meaning of the Christmas spirit. It was a reflection of the gift that was given to us over 2,000 years ago in the form of a precious baby.

Oftentimes, we all wonder how to serve with our talents and within our realm of influence. It was an extremely unique opportunity to serve alongside other designers and do what we thrive at! The day was not about competing or trying to be the best designer. The day was truly about coming together in collaboration with one another, with the mindset that the true winner was the non-profit that we were able to partner with.

All in all, it was a fantastic end to 2016 and we at Spire are hopeful, prayerful, and eager to see where God is going to lead us in 2017.

A SUPER DUPER MAJOR thanks to all that have supported us so far – we are truly grateful for the community that is quickly arising from this awesome niche in the world!

A shoutout to our friends at Wayfare Labs for hosting the event!