Brandathon: Osiris Labs Recap


On May 12, over 20 designers congregated at La Visual in Culver City to craft a new brand identity for Osiris Brands, an emerging tech company seeking to improve human rights violations training through augmented and virtual reality.

Over the course of 12 hours, the talented troupe of creatives – ranging from university students to seasoned professionals – put their heads together to craft a mark that embodied “technoempathy.” By allowing corporations to visualize the struggles faced by by child soldiers, trafficked minors, and other disempowered individuals, Osiris Labs aims to ignite compassion, develop social responsibility, and mobilize change. In other words, “awaken hearts.”

Osiris Labs’ founder, James Oury, flew in from London to share his vision and participate in feedback. He, along with founders Job Tucker and Don Bader, tasked the designers to create  “a bold, powerful, and memorable brand system that projects an approachable, accessible, and authoritative narrative.”

After many exciting hours of sketching, breakout sessions, and group critiques, a strong logo was born.  The final mark employed a system of iconography and clean type. At the event end, the finished design was gifted to the company to help further their work in championing human rights.

Founder Oury stated “It is with true humbling wonder that I watched such a exceptionally gifted group of talented creative souls embrace the long term journey Osiris has set upon. I want to assure every person in the room today that their creative impact has immortality in the path that is our purpose - to mobilize compassion through empathy.You and the team have honored more than I could ever express in words.”