Mailing Lists


There are many, many resources for graphic designers online, and some are better than others. Finding the good ones can be hard, or many times you find something you like and then it doesn’t get updated for a long time. Signing up for some good graphic design mailing lists will solve both of those problems, and will keep you up to date in the field. There are also many mailing lists, but these are the most consistently good ones. These all feature a variety of content, but seem to be just a little bit extra focused on UI and UX design – but don’t let that stop you from signing up if UI or UX isn’t your specialty.

The list comes out every day, and will send you a new link with four-five design articles every day if you allow daily emails when you sign up – I recommend this, if it sounds like too much just do it anyways and delete it if you don’t have time for it once the daily email arrives. Sidebar does a great job of finding interesting content and resources.


The Product Design Weekly mailing list comes out about once a week. It is nicely designed and has 7-10 articles in it. They are very good about covering big picture things – for example, a recent article I liked and found very useful from their list dove deep into the differences between designing for web and mobile based on the inherent strengths of each platform. They also have excellent coverage of big news in the tech world and what those changes mean for designers and interfaces.


The InVision Weekly Digest is also weekly, and is sent out by InVision, makers of a popular mobile prototyping tool. You would expect a weekly email from an app company to be stuffed full of marketing info, but this is very light on self-referential advertising. Their email is a solid look into the world around design and includes articles on things like workflows, how to get the most out of crit sessions, and interviews with experienced pros.


As previously mentioned, if you go looking for them, there are hundreds of other mailing lists to join, but these three combined do a great job of covering the design bases and keeping me up to date on a weekly basis without taking up a ton of my time. I hope you find them as useful as I do.