Spotlight: Stéphane Casier


Deep in the bustling streets of Paris, France lies a small studio where one will most likely find Stéphane Casier peddling away at his latest designs and illustrations. His work booms with amusing personality and distinguishable detail. Known mostly for his graphic tee and sweatshirt line, Casier produces extremely precise and intricate illustrations that glow with the love and care that he puts into all his work. His aesthetic is unique – combining references from pop culture and modern day icons with the characteristics of traditional flash tattoo prints which blend together almost perfectly for today’s style and culture. Not only can you see Stéphane’s work being sported by fashion conscious teens but you can spot his commissioned work from some impressive partners, such as Miller Lite’s Gov Ball NYC 2015 poster or SPCA Geneva’s commissioned illustrations by Havas Worldwide Geneva.

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