Tad Carpenter


When looking at influential designers in the current design world, it can be easy to get lost in the vast whirlpool of creativity and talent that seems to have long since reached the brim of the cup and is now flowing over and off the edge of the table onto the floor… Amidst this inspirational mayhem, Tad Carpenter stands out from the crowd with his striking use of color and unforgettably cheerful design work. Born and raised in the Midwest, Carpenter’s creative parents raised him in an environment catering to his creativity that shines through in his work today. His work mixes a modern take with a very classic and playful look that spans over his projects in identity, packaging, print, illustration and environmental design. Apart from his nostalgic design work he is also a published author, speaker, and teacher in Kansas City. Be sure to keep your eye open for more work and your ear low to the ground for presentations by Tad in a city near you! You can spot Carpenter’s work on the Conan Concert Series, Harvey’s Restaurant brand identity, Snapple Half ‘N Half and much more that you can view here at: http://tadcarpenter.com