Timothy Goodman


Very seldom do you want your dating life to be at the forefront of your reputation… but in the case of graphic designer, illustrator and art director, Timothy Goodman, it has helped make his career. Timothy Goodman graduated from School of Visual Arts in NYC where he excelled in his studies and began his career in graphic design. From there he accumulated a large number of notable design positions from being in-house designer at Apple Inc. to working at the award winning experiential design firm, Collins. However, true fame came when his close friend, Jessica Walsh (who we will cover in another “Designer Spotlight”), and Goodman found themselves single at the same time and started a project called 40 Days of Dating. During these 40 Days of Dating, Walsh and Goodman saw each other every day and treated their relationship exclusively in order to get to the bottom of their dating problems. The result was a very entertaining book and blog documentation of each day with stories, answers, illustrations and even a movie deal with Warner Brothers. From there, Timothy gained even more fame when he established his Instagram series “Memories of a Girl I Never Knew” which explore small stories and thoughts about his love life shared in a unique way. Despite Goodman’s overwhelming fame, his work holds up as some of the best work in the world of design today. I encourage you to follow Goodman’s work through social media and his website, he truly has a talent for combining emotion and design like no one we have ever seen.

timothyGoodmanSpotlight (1).png