Yo Santosa


When it comes to chasing your dreams, I can think of no better example in design than Yo Santosa. Right out of graduating from Art Center college of Design, Santosa showed promise when she accepted a job at a big name branding firm. However, shortly into this job Santosa realized that the firm and her did not see eye to eye on the branding process, for she was designing logos from 9-5 with no real application and brand strategy. She quit two weeks later. Some time after this she started work in motion graphics and created the hit intro reel to Desperate Housewives, but she never forgot her passion for branding. Then, a small yogurt shop in West Hollywood that was looking for branding caught her eye. Santosa spoke with the owners, took a week off of work to prepare a presentation and won the Bid. You now know this yogurt shop as PinkBerry. The next monday day she quit her job and opened her new company FerroConcrete. Since the success of her Pinkberry branding and launch of FerroConcrete, Yo and her team have taken on several other exciting projects such as Caption Polish, the TBS network and most recently Winc. Her work is unmistakable with her extraordinary use of color and simplicity that lets the brand stand out and speak for itself. Be sure to stay up to date with Yo Santosa’s latest projects here.