Helms Workshop


“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” might be the biggest lie ever told in the graphic design profession. Not only are designers the ones who create the cover, but designers also have the responsibility to properly represent the product. This could not be more true within the realm of packaging design. We’re all guilty of it – picking up a product because of its crisp and clean look, tossing it into our baskets, and heading to the checkout line. A design team made that happen, and not just any design team but a good one.

One such design group is Helms Workshop in Austin, Texas. Designing iconic packaging such as the Modern Times beer label, Helms is no stranger to packaging in the food and drink industry. Each one of their label’s evokes a new and energetic tone to each of the SKUs they represent without compromising their design. Their use of color and illustration often combines a simple and clean aesthetic that appeals to the senses, so it’s no wonder that companies keep flocking to their doors. Be sure to check out their work here and stay tuned for what is to come from this amazing firm.