Design Love


February: a month of cheesy love gestures, bad hallmark cards, and (of course) singles awareness. Whether you have someones hand to hold or are crying in self pity over a bowl of ice cream, one thing is true: passion is in the air. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the importance (or unimportance) of relationships… but we are talking about passion for design!

We’re talking about those magical AHA moments, those creative triumphs, the wondrous reason that you love to design. If you are a creative, chances are you were born with some kind of natural artistic abilities. You were born with a passion for the arts.

But, what happens when that passion dwindles? When it fades away? When you have a creative block you can’t seem to overcome? When excitement for design is too far gone?

This February, let us remind you why you love design. This month we will be featuring helpful tools and tricks on how to rekindleyour passion for design. Let us help you rekindle a passion that has been there all along, but just needs a little fuel.

Keep your eyes out for February’s featured articles on “Design Love”.

XOXO, The Spire Team