Good ideas… bad ideas… everyone has them, especially in design. From the infamous refaced Gap logo in 2010 to Tropicana’s removal of iconic packaging in 2009, there have been numerous design decisions that have sparked controversy and heated discussions by the public. Some of these ideas can merely be written off as being handled wrong, such as crowd sourcing a logo and not being able to defend the decision. However, I find it most interesting when someone creates something brilliant out of a questionable design idea.

Founded in 2005 Gretel has made a name for itself for it’s many TV Channel designs. Most recently their branding of Vice Land has turned the heads of any Helvetica loving designer with their use of white space and typography. Again they amazed with their rebrand of Centric that was extremely complex for an era that prefers the “less is more” approach. They succeeded with a stunning and beautiful brand system. But perhaps the most impressive of all is their award winning application of the Netflix brand. When Netflix unveiled their new logo with the release of Orange is the New Black season 2, fans were in an uproar of the loss of the classic logo. Their cries were soon silenced by the awe of the new branding that came shortly after. It is extremely impressive to see what Gretel was able to do with 3 basic elements (Gotham, layering, and a red-black-and-white color palette). Not only did they succeed in creating a beautiful brand, but actually made the new Netflix logo more iconic than ever.

It is very inspiring to see a company like Gretel take the challenge of a questionable idea and turn it into something exciting and new. I look forward to seeing what moving ideas Gretel has in store for us in 2016. Be sure to stay tuned to their future work here.