It is humankind’s very nature to seek purpose in one way or another. To feel a sense of belonging, value, and calling in one’s life – to know that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Being part of a larger community and vision has proven time and again to be something buried deep within the human DNA. This is how God made us.

While many designers will spend their careers seeking to better understand their individual voice or unique creative perspective, that larger longing is often sidelined and takes a backseat to the first pursuit. But what if it didn’t have to? What if they’re the same thing?

What if something bigger than ourselves is our creativity?

Is it possible to be “called” to a creative career? As what it means to be a creative has evolved over the years, so has design. What was once a pen and a drafting table has been now become the digital age and whereas design was once a second class citizen to invention, it is now a progenitor and often times a catalyst. Given its valuable standing in a world that is driven by a new way of looking at old problems, what does this mean for those called to the creative field by God?

While we all know that it is not a topic that is directly specified in the Bible, we know that God is alive, at work and has his hand wonderfully on the work in the world of design. And we know that just like other industries and careers, we have been fully made in His image. This is why we have come together – to share this conversation with others who have felt that same longing to answer the same calling.

Spire is a body of creatives who seek to cultivate the intersection between servanthood and design. We are a people who want to live creatively, passionately, and most importantly – humbly. We deeply desire to be servants within the realm of our talents and passions. When we google the words “Christian” and “Design” we want to see relevant, excellent conversation worthy work that inspires us… this is what we aspire to.

Over the next few months, you’ll start to see testimonies, educational articles, and inspiration of many kinds that all feed the design soul. It is our goal to become a valuable and professional organization for what it means to lead a purposeful life as a Christian designer.

Join the conversation and stay tuned for our upcoming events that will engage this thriving and growing community head on.

Be a creative. Be a servant. Be a Spire.